Paris Craft Beer Tours: See Paris while Enjoying Craft Beer!


This site is dedicated to helping visitors find great craft beer in the City of Lights! Join us on Paris Craft Beer Tours!

Craft Beer Renaissance in Paris:
Paris Craft Beer Tours - Deck & Donohue Bottles
Paris Craft Beer Tours – Deck & Donohue Bottles

Paris is known for great wine, wonderful art museums, luxury and fashion. Most people don’t think of Paris when they are looking for craft beer. But things are changing! Paris is becoming ground zero for a craft beer renaissance not only in France, but also in Europe. That is why we now offer craft beer tours inn Paris! On our tour, you will not only get to try some tasty locally brewed beer, but you will see parts of Paris that most tourists never visit. For more information on the craft beer scene in Paris, please check out our sister site Craft Beer Paris

Paris Craft Beer Tours:

Let us know if you plan to visit Paris and want to try great craft beer!

Paris Craft Beer Tours: Deck & Donohue Brewery
Paris Craft Beer Tours: Deck & Donohue Brewery

Options include visiting a few bars and microbreweries that serve craft beer, to full tours of local breweries. All Paris Craft Beer Tours are in English, though Spanish tours are available upon request!

Note tours must be planned in advance as some breweries are only open to the public on certain days of the week. If you provide of with your dates of visit we will put together a tour package to meet your needs.

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